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-Your Hong Kong based one-stop reliable and trustworthy partner

Global Link Worldwide Company Limited is a Hong Kong based company focusing on providing one-stop reliable and trustworthy services to our customers. Our services include design and development, consultant service, investment and insurance, on-line shopping, web design, mobile design, logo design and SEO design.. A brief description of the services are listed as below:

Design and development

We have a team of experts that are familiar with the whole design and development process. We can develop products for customers based on idea or concept. We can provide costing for product, build work-like or look-like modules and tooling. We can take care of the project management, taking considerating of quality and design for manufacturing. As we have experts in Six Sigma and Lean, we can design the product in a cost effective way reducing product cost, manufacturing cost, reworks and scraps.


We partner with a number of manufactures in build parts or products for customers. We can base on customers' requirement to select the most suitable manufactures to build the parts or products for customers. We can also perform quality inspection for customers. Our manufacturing services include plastic and metal tooling, electronic parts, plastic parts, metal part, electronic assembly and product assembly.

Consultant service

Our consultant service include process improvement, quality improvement, simulation and people development.

Investment and insurance

Investment and insurance come in pairs. If you focus too much on investment, you may overlook the possibility of risks that may greatly affect your business. In the other way round, if you focus too much on insurance, you will miss a lot of business opportunity as your capability will not be fully utilized to generate your profit. Therefore a balance between investment and insurance are essential.

On-line shopping

We currently have websites for deco products, tea and coffee products (traditional Chinese only) and body care products (traditional Chinese only). We are expanding our product base to cover more products.

Web/ mobile application and games/ logo/ SEO design

We have experts in building web for customers. Base on customer requirement and budget, we can design and build website, mobile applications and games, logo and SEO suitable for our customers.

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